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Some of the Comments Received

Karen Yeager
I joined our church's bell choir yesterday, and this video is exactly what I need to know for day one.  Thank you, Rod.

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

Thank you soooo much for taking the time to upload the “How to play the handbells series.”  They are informative and easy to follow.  Your instruction is very clear.

You have helped me to negotiate the handbell world, in which I suddenly found myself.

I was asked by a director of a choral group to organize folk of the community to accompany a selection on their upcoming Christmas concert.

We had originally asked a seasoned handbell choir director to work with us, but due to unforeseen circumstances he had to change his plans.

Discovering your website and the YouTube presentations has been a God-send! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Blessings! Joy! & Peace!




I am an Elementary school music teacher who just started playing and teaching handbells at St. John Mary International School in Thailand.
Thank you very much for your "Handbell 101 tutorials". Thailand has only 2 sets of handbells in the country, one belonging to Payap University in Chang Mai, and the other belonging to my father who has lent them to me to begin a handbell choir at the school where I work. 
Since we don't have many handbell experts, your videos have been of great help. Thank you for sharing your knowledge via youtube with the world. 
If you have any recommendations for handbell techniques (playing and conducting) or things I could read up on, I would really appreciate it.
Thank You. Sincerely,
Amanda Acosta


Your Videos

I appreciate your videos, as someone who has not played , actually directed in years, I needed a quick brush up. Your videos were the absolute answer. You obviously do not know me so if I may I just would like to give you a brief background. I am a concert organist and pianist, classical music; I have accompanied several soloist from the Metropolitan Opera/NYC, played too many plays to remember; am a studio/session player for rock/jazz/pop, and last and not least, am the director of music/organist/pianist/choir director/chief cook and bottle washer for a church, a position I have held at several church's since I was 10, dating back to1967. In other words i have been around, and am very impressed by your collection of videos, they should be marketed and you should be compensated for such exemplary work. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to not just Handbells, but the music community as a whole. Please feel free to contact me if ever I can return the favor.

Raymond Dublis 


Comment on your video: Handbells 101 Techniques [A] #4
Thank you so much for this video. I am a good musician and choir director but this makes me even better. Thank you!!! Sarah in Colorado Springs, CO

Comment on your video: Handbells 101 Techniques [B] #5
I greatly appreciate this posting. It (along with your others) was very helpful in my efforts to learn to conduct a handbell choir without ever having been a ringer.



Dear Rod,
I have been a Director of Music for over twenty years yet have never had the opportunity to learn how to play handbells much less teach a handbell choir.  I am just about to start the wonderful online course that you have created.  Thank you so much for doing this! 

Could you please tell me how I could order that book titled "Handbells Ringers Bible"?  I have a music doctorate in pipe organ major, piano minor, concentration in both vocal and orchestral conducting.  I am hoping that learning this new task won't be too difficult.  I am thinking about the possibility of beginning a handbell choir on my next church job.

Thank you again Sir!